The Museum of the City of New York held a Facebook contest based on one of its exhibitions, titled "Mac Conner: A New York Life", which featured postcards from the artist. Participants were asked to submit captions for selected postcards, and then the museum would choose the winners.

My role was to design the web graphics for the postcards. They would then be sent out to the winning contestants as a prize, and featured on the museum’s Facebook page.

There were three main challenges that I encountered. The first was the need to strike a balance between creating enough space for the finalist’s caption, the museum's information, and maintaining as much of the artist’s original work as possible. The second was that the caption space had to adjust to any and all quotes submitted by contestants. Lastly, I needed to find a design layout that was consistent with the museum’s branding.

I added elements such as a footer, a small banner, and low opacity of overlapping shapes—all of which help to maintain the original illustrations while also allowing me to incorporate the captions. I also utilized very specific fonts and color palettes designed for museum web and print material.


Visual Design

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